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Brazilian Band

Claridade was born in 2001. The band brings together some of Brazil's most beautiful rhythms and songs, and fuses them with a jazz sensibility - lots of improvisation and freedom.

The repertoire consists of a mixture of original compositions by members of the band, and songs from many of the great Brazilian composers (João Bosco, Edu Lobo, Baden Powell, Danilo Caymmi, Joyce, Djavan, Carlos Lyra and Vinicius de Morães).

The songs are sungs in either Portuguese or English - the english texts are written by Clare, several of which have been approved by the original composers.

pic of Messin Around Cd pic of A Vontage Cd pic of A Vontage Cd
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'Aldeia De Ogum'
from Freestyle Records'
Messin' Around compilation
Claridade CD "A Vontade"
'Incompatible Love'
Claridade CD "A Vontade"



Clare Foster - voice, percussion
Shanti Paul Jayasinha
- trumpet, flügelhorn, percussion
Paulo De Oliveira - guitar, voice
Ife Tolentino - bass guitar, voice
Iian Pattinson - drums, percussion

Paulo De Oliveira

Paulo was born in Mogi Juacu, São Paulo. He joined the local church choir at 8 years of age and started playing piano at 10. He developed his passion for the guitar at 15 and started a classical guitar course at 18 t the "Carlos Gomez Conservatiore of Music and Art" in Campinas, São Paulo. He completed the course in 1984.

Paulo started working professionally as a musician in 1977 in latin bands and playing solo.

Amongst other recordings: "Ritmo Sul" with the Brazilian band Sambatucada, "Palenque" with the George Berguno Quintet, "Mistura Brasileira" with the Brazilian band "Mistura Brasileira".

TV appearances include 'Into Music' and 'Blue Peter' for BBC1

He works extensively on the London scene and in Germany.

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Ife Tolentino

Ife was Born in São Paulo

1970 began his career as a professional musician

1971/72 studied at \'Escola Municipal De Musica De São Paulo

1974-78 extensive research into the rhythms of Brazil's northeast, performing with many northeastern artists

1978 moved to Rio de Janeiro and spent 12 years performing, touring and recording with many of Brazil's top musicians and composers, such as Nana Vasconcelos, Tininho Horta, João Donato, accordeonista Sivuca and Dominguinhos, Fagner, Paulo Moura, Jacques Morelenbaum and many more.

1992 moved to London and soon became involved in London's latin scene, working with Steve Lodder, Monica Vasconcelos, John Paricelli, Paul Clarvis and Bosco De Oliveira, to name but a few. Since arriving in London he has recorded albums with Monica Vasconcelos' Nois, co-led Brazilian quartet 'As Meninas', saxophonists Ingrid Laubrock and John O'Neill and recorder player Pamela Thorpe.

Highlights of his co-led band 'As Meninas' include supporting Brazilian artists Gilberto Gil at the Barbican and Joyce at the Jazz Café, being support act for Bryan Ferry's England tour, summer 2000, and featuring on the Holders Seasons International Music Festival in Barbados, March 2000.

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Iian Pattinson

Iian studied at Middlesex University in the music faculty, which is well known for it's world music. He has worked with the best of UK Brazilian bands, including Bosco De Oliveira, Nóis, As Meninas, the Hermetologists, Lobo Bobo. Other bands include Orchestra Mahatma, Martin Speake, Roberto Pla and Time Line.

He also works in Film, TV and West End Theatre (Lion King).

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