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Clare Foster's Discography

Satori (33WM249)
English Song
pic of Satori CD

Clare Foster, vocals
Shanti Jayasinha arranger, cello, trumpet, flugel, penny whisle
Gabriel Keen, piano
Kaw Regis, guitars
Markku Rinta-Polari, soprano saxophone

Where Do I Start? (33WM147)
A Vocal/Instrumental Warm-up and Ear Training Workout
Where Do I Start? CD cover Breathing is the Mother of Rhythm, Voice the expression of the Self, Singing the expression of the Soul. I believe the only way to get an elegant balance between these elements is by having fun when practicing and being serious about it!
In this CD Clare Foster achieves every one of these elements, which are so necessary for a healthy singing voice, plus she gives us room to explore our own creativity whilst practising with her. She does it in such a way that practising, instead of being a repetition, becomes a joy and a wonderful learning process, in whatever stage of musical development you may find yourself right now.
This CD is also great practice for instrumentalists!
Clare, thank you so much for your beautiful work. Geórgia Dias

Tracks: How Long Can I Sing?; Four Bar Note Hold In The Cycle Major II V I, Eight Bar Note Hold in the Cycle Minor II V I, Slow Major Arpeggio Staccato, Fast Minor Arpeggio, Descending Major Scale, Major Scale to the 9th, Dorian Step by Step Increase to the 9th, Half Diminished Arpeggiated, Minor/Major 7th Climbing and Gaining, Diminished Broken Chords, Dominant 7th Inversions, Six Chord Types and Scale Patterns, Arpeggios Major to Dominant, Major Sharp 11 Extension in 5/4, Increasing Intervals Chromatically, Chromatic Scale Slow, Chromatic Scale Fast, Get the Shape and Sing It, Rhythm Awareness 4/4 Shuffle, Rhythm Awareness 4/4 Funk/Maracatú, Blues Licks, Clear Blue.

Review of "Where Do I Start?" in the British Voice Association magazine
BVA review

Where do I start - Testimonials

"A fantastic vocal warm-up, jazz singing practice and ear-training tool all in one CD. "Where Do I Start?" provides the perfect assistant for any jazz singer... the liner notes include a description of each exercise and there's also a demonstration. The backing tracks are excellent and Clare pays particular attention to the fundamentals of jazz music. I use it regularly, it's always on my iPod. Highly pleasurable and recommended! " Melissa Cantzlaar, singing student

"An excellent and comprehensive CD. It takes you through a range of vocal exercises, going on simple scale exercises to musical arrangements relevant to chord structures. I found it really helpful for increasing my breathe control. I'm also working on my range, so it has been invaluable in defining this. Worth having by your CD player." Livvy Fernandez, Singing Student

"Great and well conceived. The CD provides warm-ups, modal and improvisation exercises which are vocalist-friendly yet challenging and the accompaniment is superb." Patricia Gruel, Singing Student

"I would thoroughly recommend this album because ultimately it is quite a pleasure to do. Knowing you as well, I fully trust the instruction, and the way it’s offered is really quite tender as well as focussed. Passing on what any of us know is always giving. The accompaniment is also superb, sometimes I just listen to it ! I suppose my main thing is that there feels a real intimacy in it, a supportive presence. It is a quality piece of work Clare. Practicing it is a pleasure, truly. " Carolyn Pallon, Singing Student

"The journey to finding your voice can be lonely and challenging, practicing to this CD is like having someone there everyday supporting you, and the music makes the exercises a lot more fun to practice .... definiteley worth it!" Hanan Hadeed, Singing Student

"This CD provides a great resource for singers. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, you’ll find exercises that will help you to focus and to improve your technique. The CD is enjoyable and of course, the whole package is beautifully presented, just as I would expect from Clare Foster" Roma Thomas, Singer

"Clare Foster’s cd has finally given me the tool in order to be discipline and organized about my daily singing practice. It is full of ideas and vocal challenges and you never get bored of it! I can't imagine any singer being without it. What a clever clever idea." Simona Bibi, Singing Student

"I dread vocal exercises almost as much as aerobic exercises. The norm for vocal CDs is a gruelling regime of 'sirens' and never ending scales, punctuated with loud plonking on piano keys and a monotonous instructor's voice. But Clare’s CD is different, her instructions are delivered in her usual clear, no-nonsense style, and the exercises are performed using an array of different instruments. Clare's singing is always a pleasure to listen to and coupled with differing time signatures it makes the CD enjoyable to listen in it’s own right. You actually feel like you are 'singing' rather than completing an obstacle course. This inspirational CD is a great place to start your vocal workout." Rachel O'Reilly, Singer

"Clare Foster’s "Where do I Start" is one of the most useful vocal workout CDs I’ve ever used, (I’ve tried more that a few over the years) many are too simple or limited in their range. However,this CD covers all the areas and more that most singers need to keep working on. It also allows you to adapt exercises if you are more advanced and want to push further. There are many time signatures and grooves, some great blues licks to learn. All in all a great resource." Seamus Carroll, Singing Student

"An invaluable, interactive encyclopaedic tutorial, of the fundamentals of jazz structure. This album clearly demonstrates the subtle variations in the most commonly used scale and chord types, using a variety of core rhythms, all of which are clearly explained and counted in , demonstrating how to convey tempo / rhythm to others. As a profoundly dyslexic singer, this album gives me instant access to examples, compassions, and exercises , that I could never get from written music. I feel that the effectiveness and challenge of this album is only limited by one’s own effort and creativity.." Tony Matuska, Singing Student

"It’s wonderful to have your quality practice CD... very easy to use and a brilliant tool to support us singers in our regular practice and really useful for those of us wanting to develop our jazz singing. A great work out!." Juliet Morel, Singing Student

"I did your warm up yesterday! and then found it much easier when approaching some material and the scales didn’t seem so daunting - so all really good - excellent CD - really helpful for me to break boundaries." Kate Radmilovic, Professional singer

"'Where Do I Start?' is a valuable and inspiring tool in my daily practise routine. It’s one of the best jazz practice CDs that I’ve come across. It features clear and succinct exercises for vocalists and musicians by Clare Foster supported by an amazing array of top flight musicians. What makes this CD extra special is the contemporary feel and the wide variety of infectious rhythms incorporated into the exercises from jazz blues, reggae and latin to soul and more. I would recommend this to any vocalist/musician from beginners to professional who aspire to improve their technique on a regular basis. Warning makes practice addictive....." Talibah Graham, Singer

Learning To Love (33Jazz198)
Clare Foster (vocals), with Jason Rebello (piano), Alec Dankworth (bass), Winston Clifford (drums), Shanti Paul Jayasinha (trumpet/flügelhorn/cello), Jean Toussaint (tenor/soprano sax), Fayyaz Virji (trombone), Ryo Kawasaki (guitar)

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Clare Foster: Learning To Love
Learning To Love CD cover
 Sentimental Journey
 What Is This Thing Called Love? (Quest For Love)
 Seraffa's Smile
 A Breath Of New Life (Adam’s Apple)
 The Trolley Song
 If I Should Lose You
 The Mohican And The Great Spirit
 Ballad In Blue
 How Deep Is The Ocean
 Early Autumn
 Love Is Here To Stay
 Back In Your Own Backyard

songs: Sentimental Journey Les Brown/Ben Homer , What Is This Thing Called Love? (Quest For Love) (Tadley Dameron/Clare Foster), Seraffa's Smile (Shanti Paul Jayasinha/Clare Foster), A Breath Of New Life (Adam’s Apple) (Wayne Shorter/Clare Foster), The Trolley Song (Hugh Martin/Ralph Blane), Adoração (Clare Foster, Sue Jarvis, Paulo and Nubia de Oliveira), If I Should Lose You (Leo Robin/Ralph Rainger), The Mohican And The Great Spirit (Horace Silver), Ballad In Blue (Hoagy Carmichael/Irving Kahal ), How Deep Is The Ocean (Irving Berlin), Early Autumn (Bud Green/Ralph Burns/Woody Herman/Johnny Mercer), Love Is Here To Stay (George and Ira Gershwin),Back In Your Own Backyard Al Jolson/Billy Rose/Dave Dreyer /Full Circle Clare Foster

Amazon Reviews
Five Stars - Superb vocal jazz, 13 May 2010 By Mr. C. W. Allen This review is from: Learning to Love (Audio CD) Clare foster a vocalist I had not heard of until I read a review on this album, and I am very impressed. Her voice, like an instrument, covers all the octaves with ease and she has natural feel without being to intrusive. The choice of tunes such as the Trolley Song and Adams Apple are given a new inventive feel and are very well executed. The musicians on this album also make it a superb album, Alec Dankworth, Jason Rebello, Winston Clifford being a dream rhythm section. Highly recommend any one to buy this; they will not be disappointed.


pic of The Music and I CD The Music and I (FMR records FMR UGCD11-1003)
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Clare Foster (vocals), with Andrew McCormack (piano), Alec Dankworth (bass), Winston Clifford (drums), Shanti Paul Jayasinha (trumpet/flügelhorn), Jean Toussaint (tenor/soprano sax)

'The Music And I' 'Distant Dreams - Ugetsu' 'Dig Deep - Soul Surge' 'I'm Glad There Is You'

"This cd is sure to delight many fans of Clare Foster and will win her new fans. I prefer a singer to take chances, and she does it with style, confidence, and smooth grace. There are some surprises and I listened with anticipation as she delivered again and again. The key to any success for a singer, are the musicians. There is no separation of singer and band, it's as though they are one cohesive unit. The talent is evident and this is jazz in the highest form. Enjoy it!" Deborah Brown

songs: East of the Sun (and West of the Moon) (Brooks Bowman), Love is a Many Splendored Thing (Sammy Fain/ Paul Francis Webster), All the Things You Are (Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein II), Daydream (Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorn), Dig Deep (Soul Surge) (Freddie Hubbard/Clare Foster), The Music and I (Clare Foster), But Beautiful (James Van Heusen/Johnny Burke), A Sacred Place (Black Narcissus) (Joe Henderson/Clare Foster), Just Another Day (Sandu) (Clifford Brown/Clare Foster), Stella by Starlight (Victor Young/Ned Washington), Distant Dreams (Ugetsu) (Cedar Walton/Clare Foster), I'm Glad There is You (Paul Madeira/Jimmy Dorsey)

pic of A Vontage Cd A Vontade (33 Records 33JAZZ075)
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Clare Foster (vocals), with Paulo De Oliveira (guitar/cavaquinho), Ife Tolentino (bass guitar), Iian Pattinson (drums & percussion), Shanti Paul Jayasinha (trumpet/flügelhorn), Marcelo Teim Ruas (cavaquinho)

You can listen to tracks in the Claridade page

songs: A Different View (SP Jayasinha/Clare Foster), Forock (T Maria/Clare Foster), Native Brazil (Brasil Nativo) (D Caymmi/Clare Foster), Nua (P De Oliveira/Clare Foster), January's Bossa (Bossa De Janeiro) (I Tolentino & B Tolentino/Clare Foster), Sarau Para Radamés (Paulinho De Viola), Saudade Fez Um Samba (C Lyra/V De Moraes/Clare Foster), A Little Samba For You (Um Sambinha Pra Você) (P De Oliveira/Clare Foster), Bifim (P De Oliveira), Estive (Steve Lá) I Tolentino/Clare Foster, Sivuscando (P De Oliveira)

Believing In Angels CD cover thumb Believing in Angels (33 Records 33JAZZ058)
Clare Foster (vocals), with Pete Jacobsen (piano) and Shanti Paul Jayasinha Trumpet/flügelhorn)
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'Moon River' 'They Can't Take That Away From Me'

songs: I'm Old Fashioned (J Kern/J Mercer), You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To (C Porter), It Might As Well Be Spring (R Rodgers/O Hammerstein), Journey Within (Voyage) (K Barron/Clare Foster), Moon River (H Mancini/J Mercer), The Influence Of Jazz (C Lyra/Clare Foster), Skylark (H Carmichael/J Mercer), I'll Take Romance (B Oakland/O Hammerstein), Something To Live For (D Ellington/B Strayhorn), They Can't Take That Away From Me (G & I Gershwin), Deep Purple (P De Rose/M Parish), My Heart Stood Still (R Rogers/L Hart), I Thought About You (J Van Heusen/J Mercer)

Round Trip CD cover thumbRound Trip - Shanti Paul Jayasinha - (Candid Records CCD 79848) 2007
Clare Foster vocal feature on track 04 'Racatu'
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Cosmic Rhythm - Ryo Kawasaki - (Satellites VACV-1030) 1998

'Let It Flow' 'Trinkets And Things'

No Better Love - O'Donel Levy - ILM World Productions, 1997

Above It All - O'Donel Levy - ILM World Productions, 1995

Jan Ponsford's Vocal Chords - ASC Records, 1995

Lucky Green Blues - Jeremy Monteiro - Concord, 1995

Clare Foster sings Wayne Shorter - Groove Records, 1993

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