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Adam’s Apple (A Breath Of New Life)                     W.Shorter/C.Foster

God formed man a living soul
From dust upon the ground, a breath of new life
Here among the plants and shrubs
A garden of his own, Eastwood in Eden
There grew very special trees
That he was told he must not touch
Adam gave his promise

Then into a sleep he went
And from his rib appeared a woman called Eve
Soon the serpent tempted her
To eat the sweet forbidden fruit of knowledge
Both in all their nakedness
Covered their bodies up with shame
From the leaves of fig trees

As he took that one last bite
The apple stuck, so Adam tried to swallow
This is how the story goes
But one may ask a reason for this fable
Was it for a lesson learnt?
And was his greed just all too much?
Or an evolution?

Out of paradise they went
Into a world and all its fine creations
Banished from their ideal home
They made their way onto a life long journey
Cherubs said their last goodbyes
With flaming swords around the gates
Never could they return

Adam’s Apple - W. Shorter Solo                    C Foster

No one can say
No one can know all the infallible truth
But it is clear that something great did occur
’Cause I’m sure in the truth of the bible
For we have learnt there is no smoke without some fire
And just a tiny pinch of spice to add to life
And that is how the story grows
But how far it has grown we do not know
The faith in the sacred book
Will reveal all about the creatures great and small
That roam on this earth

Nothing but the whole truth
Is what I’m looking for
Verity and righteousness
Is the core of all my needs
Don’t you be no bible bashing buffoon
’Cause it is pure blasphemy
God has his window in the sky
(Has his telescopic eye)
And sees your game
No way out
He’s there watching over us
Mind out!
Naked in your lies...he knows

The real Mc Coy
Is always around
A genuine nice guy
Who has unconditional love
He has one love
Gossamer wings will slide us through thick and thin
Up we’ll go through heavens doors
Into a world where we will find an absolute love
And there the light of love
Will beam and shine and glow and burn

Angels divine, supremely good
Honesty that gives us our reward
The living of our precious lives
Gospel, the teachings, the readings, the tidings, the heart of the matter
His word must be taught, must be read, must be heard, must be said, must be seen, must be loved
If we’re gonna make this space
A better place to be
You will see
Trust me


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