Baião na Praia                     S P Jayasinha/C.Foster

There is a movement in the sand
The clapping of some hands
A wave of silence with each beat
There is a stomping on the ground
Excitement with the sound
To everybody’s dancing feet

There is a humming of a song
Their notes have come and gone
The sparkle of each heart ignites
There is the living of a dream
The jewels inside us gleam
To everybody’s joy and light

There is a magic in the air
The freedom if you dare
A love that cannot be denied
There is a precious shell of pearls
That’s colours glow and swirl
To eyes of wonder opened wide

There is the calling of a voice
That’s charm makes us rejoice
To all the beauty that we greet
There is a passion in us all
The memories recalled
In paradise is where we’ll meet

And through the mystery of time
Our lives will take a journey
That our souls won’t forget

And with the hope that some day soon
We’ll find we haven’t travelled
To somewhere of regret


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