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Deluge (Inundation)                      W. Shorter/C. Foster


The daunting sky of night
Silence waits
Gulls make haste, soaring

A flash of light
That seems too bright, passing
The sun turns back
The clouds are black, laughing
All at once there’s a panic
That grows (in-) to loud screams
Overwhelmed by the monster
That roars (for a) new pour

The drench of rage
That won’t behave, falling
Descends the shower
With all its power, threatens
Every face that appears
To be under the cold moon
Like a race they will hurry
And run from (this) monsoon

Disturbs the peace
But brings release, new life
Has washed and cleaned
All trace unseen, (the) floods gone
Safe inside there’s a gaze of relief
And warm smile
Deep inside there’s a worry
That sleeps on (the) next tide


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