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Dig Deep (Soul Surge)              Freddie Hubbard lyrics by Clare Foster
EMI Music Publishing Ltd

We all should know that inspiration can be the real fuel of life
A yearn and burn that keeps us seeking within
Feeding us with love
An honesty that can be sought and then found
Nearer to yourself
An organ of emotion, thought and good will takes us to the facts
This is an inner urge that thrives inside
And leads us on our way
Just like the ocean waves that roar in the sea
This is our soul surge

There is a light that shines in each one of us keeping us alive
Unfading flames that dwindle forever more
Like immortal stars
The immaterial and true part of man
Never lies or dies
It keeps a channelled flow of ideas that grow into greater dreams
A motion that will run right through our veins
It keeps us on that track
Just like the rain that pours out from the black skies
This is our soul surge

Freddie Hubbard solo

The divine can be reached at anytime
Seek and ye shall find
There is nothing that can overpower or devour like the infinite thing that we call our soul
It’s the top!
The incorruptible is here to stay
So trust just what you’re hearing inside
It could save you some tears
Body, spirit, mortal being, vital essence, inner recess, deepest centre, living focus, impulse, inside landscape
Something of an inward liveliness that keeps us on this planet
Cockles of the heart lay deep inside all living beings
The gush...
And the crescendo of a thought that rushes out into the bloodstream and sends all of those chills
The taste of honey pie
The souls’ everlasting eternity
It’s peerless, indestructible and eminent
The veracious life that will always be
The feeling of hitting that chord and then finding the notes
That run swiftly round ‘til they find a new melody
Sparkles of starry light
Swelling floods of new energy
Tearing through our veins
And so this flux keeps on, on and on and on
With great gusto
Swirling and oozing and swarming
Gurging out and streaming everywhere
Just like the movement of the ocean filled with notions from those white horses

That just keep on surging





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