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A Different View

A Little Samba For You

A Sacred Place

Are We There Yet?


Dig Deep (Soul Surge)

Distant Dreams (Ugetsu)


Estive (Steve Lá)

Fee Fi Fo Fum



Incompatible Love (Incompatibilidade De Genios)

Indian song

Infant eyes


January’s Bossa (Bossa De Janeiro)

Journey Within (Voyage)

Ju Ju

Just Another Day (Sandu)


Let it Flow

Lucky Green Blues

Native Brazil (Brasil Nativo)

Night Dreamer



Saudade Fez Um Samba

The Influence Of Jazz

The Music And I

These things you are to me (All The Things You Are)

Tom Thumb


Water babies


Yes or No

Fee -  Fi -  Fo - Fum           W.Shorter/C.Foster

When his mother told him
“Go, Jack, now!”
Off he went to the market place
To sell their cow
He (soon) got there
(And) wandered around
A sale he found
Not a cow, but something quite different
Made him proud
It was a bean, but not worth eating
That he knew
Planting it in the ground to reach the clouds

As the days would apss by
Up it grew
Then he climbed through the leaves and branches
Filled with dew
At the top
He heard a strange voice
Below out loud;
“Fee - Fi - Fo – Fum englishmen’s blood was on his tongue
Ideas of bones
That could be grinded
Made him shake
Was it a giant’s breakfast he would make?

Moving kind of slowly
In Jackwent
Then saw golden eggs all hatched out
From a brent
No wild goose chase
Had he been on
Boy what a score!
And a harp that sung like a bird
That was absurd
Then he climbed down
The fleshy beanstalk in a chase
You should have seen that crazy giant’s face!

Soon he reached the bottom
What a drop
Then he grabbed for his axe
To give this plant a chop
With his sleeves
Rolled up to his neck
One strike would do
As the castle trembled and shook, Jack could not look!
On his head
That poor giant landed
He was dead
It was a tragic but courageous end






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