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Go (Moving Through Time)                 W.Shorter/C.Foster

Intro Locomotion brings about the changes

Moving through time
In an open space
Hearing a shot
That will start the race
Get set and run
To keep the pace

Just passed that line on the second heat
And go
Don’t stop

However long this whole track will last
You must take bigger strides
Battle the tides
Hurdles so high...up

Glide, slide, drive, skip
Creep, fly, walk, slip
Skate, dive, ski, sail, just go!
Jog, crawl, march, swim
Strut, hop, leap, skim,
Drift, skid, trot, step and go!

Tramp, stamp, climb, roll
Jump, shift, dart, stroll
Flit, dodge, trip, shove, just go!
Sprint, tread, budge, stray,
Push, wade, coast, sway
Jaunt, plod, trudge, spin and go!


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