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Hot House (Quest For Love)                     T Dameron/C.Foster

I’ve never been sure if each love I’ve had is true
For most of it’s left me so sad and feeling blue
I’d like to meet that someone
Who’d do all that he could to convince me

Sincerity and kindness are all that I need
I’m waiting patiently
So please gather some speed
Taking time to build that trust
And filling all my heart with lust
Is what I would like in the end

I’m left so tired and totally uninspired
Maybe I am fated to live my life all alone
Without a mate
For it seems all my love’s been mis-spent
Where’s my angel that’s been heaven sent?

Oh I’d like to know who would sacrifice their all
Just so they could hold me all day until nightfall
What is this thing they call love
It’s really got to be something special


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