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House Of Jade (The Emperor’s Home)                 W.Shorter/C.Foster

There’s perfect peace in the emperor’s home
Heaven like Nirvana rules this place

The smell of peaches, immortal fruit
Cinnamon from trees, an essence sweet

Still in the silence of the moon
Mother waits and hears her call
Her time has come now.

Kind Yama sits with majestic pride
Mantras soon decide whose death is nigh.

The lives he spares and ill winds that take
Have been written in the book of fate.

(2nd set of lyrics after solos)

Out from the night appears the sun,
Father spreads his yellow cloak
The earth as one, shines.

There’s perfect peace in the House of Jade
Dragons guard their seas and stare in vain.

The time will come, all to be revealed
Deities that float onto the clouds.

Blossoms on the water, lotus flowers
Pure for all to see, in the House of Jade.


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