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Just Another Day (Sandu) - Clifford Brown/Clare Foster

For nothing can express the way you feel
Like on a day that’s filled with gloom
Walk the dog to keep from yawning
Get yourself together for the morning
There’s no end to all the entertainment
That you can cherish out on your own
From the seeds you have sown

Go gazing in the park
Or fly your kite
Out on this hazy afternoon
Feed the ducks and tell ‘em stories
Look admiring all their worldly glories
It’s just a pleasant kind of feeling that you’ll find
Just as you will start to unwind


Just as this day slips on by

Standing Strong (Sandu)                  Clifford Brown trumpet solo

It doesn’t matter what day of the week you will find yourself in
You have got to be knowing
That inside each and every one of us there lies
All our dreams
Tucked inside our closet of disguise
A wisdom and a truth
No room for all the many lies that can seep into our chasm and deprive our hearts from giving
It’s a vicious circle that in turn will stop our lives from living
It is no good to stand underneath
Those black clouds and wait for the rain
So take it from me and dig real deep down
Secure your whole being and just go and seek out
Relax into the swing
Feel it
What in the world
Could make your spirit gleam
Except to find a home of self-esteem
An armour that is fit for any knight
And a sword to carry with you
Protecting you in each plight

Onwards and Upwards (Sandu)          Harold Land Tenor Solo

There ain’t much more to say
Than simply just to enjoy all the pleasures
That life can bring your way
You’ve got to make sure that your love doesn’t go astray
It’s hard to get a grip of everything
But in the end you’re sure to win
When self-will takes its stand
Just like music in a band
It starts to playin’
Keep planting seeds and ploughing through the weeds
It’s the only thing to do
If you value your existence
There has always been a fight
To keep that candle burning bright
So never let it die!
Persistence is the key of life
And time will wait for no one
So just keep your head up high
And with the patience of a saint
You’ll reach a state where you’ll have pure consolation
So keep believing in the angels
And the strength that you’ll discover in their presence
You soul will thrive upon their essence.



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