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A Different View

A Little Samba For You

A Sacred Place

Are We There Yet?


Dig Deep (Soul Surge)

Distant Dreams (Ugetsu)


Estive (Steve Lá)

Fee Fi Fo Fum



Incompatible Love (Incompatibilidade De Genios)

Indian song

Infant eyes


January’s Bossa (Bossa De Janeiro)

Journey Within (Voyage)

Ju Ju

Just Another Day (Sandu)


Let it Flow

Lucky Green Blues

Native Brazil (Brasil Nativo)

Night Dreamer



Saudade Fez Um Samba

The Influence Of Jazz

The Music And I

These things you are to me (All The Things You Are)

Tom Thumb


Water babies


Yes or No

Lucky Green Blues           J.Monteiro\C.Foster

When the blues are hanging out around your door
There is surprise in store
It’s a tapping and a hard knocking
That you can’t ignore
A mystical guest unknown
A gamble of chance, pot luck
The hope that when they enter
You will really like what they have to say

If you’re brave enough to face the joy or sin
And let those gremlins in
Like a throw of dice
You are counting on that six to win
With fingers crossed as you wait
For maybe this time, you’ll find
That all the dues you’re paying
Are now waiting with a hand of reward







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