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A Different View

A Little Samba For You

A Sacred Place

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Dig Deep (Soul Surge)

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Tom Thumb


Water babies


Yes or No

Pinnochio                           Wayne Shorter/Clare Foster

Carving away
There came a voice laughing.
Inside this wood
There was something so strange and real.
Shaping his head,
Down to his knees and toes
Old Geppetto made this boy complete.

No strings attached
Out in the streets he ran
Marionette son
His father’s pure pride and joy.
From all the help
That he had been given
So this puppet started out in life.

Wandering on
It was a long journey
He disobeyed
All his father’s desire and hope.
Young and naïve
He would believe most schemes
That had led him near to face his death.

Long grew his nose
From all the lies he told
And both his ears grew
As big as donkey’s do.
Then came a tail,
On all his fours he stood
For this boy just would not tell the truth.

Searching in vain
Full of regrets and shame
Into the mouth
Of a fierce old shark he went.
Further and far
There he soon found his dad,
Holding out their arms they both embraced.

Up through its throat
They swam, escaped and fled.
Back to their home
Where Pinocchio made a vow
Never to roam
From his dear old father
He had learnt his lesson far too well.

As time went on
There came a deep yearning
Life as a wood toy
Had made him so unfulfilled.
He had now proved
That he would be granted
That one dream to be a real boy….








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