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Seraffa’s Smile                     Jayasinha/Foster

Her skin is like moonlight, it brightens the day
Her lips tell a story in their peaceful way
And soft as a dove her face is a beam of love
Like angels

Her smiles like an ocean of gladness and tears
Her gurgles of pleasure, her laughter and fears
Are there inside this tiny tender child
Someone so fragile

Her hands are like starfish found on golden sands
Her dream’s sure to take you to faraway lands
And just like a pearl this girl’s beauty will uncurl
With each day

Her smile is a rainbow and cherry like cheeks
That glow with emotion whenever I speak
Seraffa’s smile makes everything worthwhile
Something to treasure

Oh hush little baby your heart is at sea
It twinkles and glistens and sparkles so free
Your porcelain glance by chance will reveal
A trust unspoken

So come little lady we’ll fly off to Mars
Your beauty undaunting and eyes light as stars
Your velvet touch won’t ever be too much
A love undying


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