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Soliloquy                     J. Monteiro/C.Foster

Like the stars at night
With their ever changing glow
All my thoughts sleep tight
Until day
When they tumble out of sight
Of the many dreams
I will chase until eternity
(I am) Looking for what’s real to me
I know
That I’ll find

Every beat of gold
From the stillness of my heart
With my hopes I’ll hold (Future that’s untold 2x)
Onto time (Until time 2x)
Like a flower, whose life unfolds
Every single dream
I will find its place and destiny
Searching for that long lost key
I know
That I’ll

Fly so high with
Peace of mind
Love sublime (to Coda, last time)
There’s no choice
I am free


This is my
Soliloquy last x


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