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Speak No Evil (The Third Wise Monkey)     W.Shorter/C.Foster

To find your tongue
And gossip on
Can leave a bad taste
And be such a waste of time

Of all the lips
That tell their tales
There’re some things you know
Which are better left unsaid

Understand do not hate
For you must show respect
Don’t neglect or reject
North and south, blabber mouth
You’ve got to hold back!

So just converse
Select your words
For in time you’ll see
It may all come back on you

(Coda) That cat may just get your tongue

Speak No Evil Wayne Shorter Solo               C.Foster

This is something that we all should know,
So take heed and see all of the pleasure we’d have, if we were not on the gab.
No use deceiving, start in believing the truth and grow.
Just keep on trying,
Fermé la bouche until the right time,
Remember all the stories those wise monkeys told,
You mustn’t see it or hear or speak about the evilness that can devour us,
Is it that we are running from the insecurities that lurk in us?
We are living in the shadows.
If you are prone for a moan and natter
Just ask yourself what the reason is for idle chatter.
Rumours cause such a murmur.
There’s smoke without fire when tongues wag on and on.
A banter of sludge
There’s got to be no pleasure gained in using our mouths just like a drain.
We’ve got to watch our step and pay with all our due respect and love,
There’s nothing to lose but words that would be far better left unheard,
So engage your brain before your mouth leaks!
As wily as a serpent and softly as the white dove.
When we talk so freely it should echo throughout out hearts with care and love.
Speak as you would be spoken.
Never fear you’re losing face just ’cause you choose your words with grace.
You may now stand alone but you’ll be that one step further in feeling complete.
Just you wait and see,
Who’d want for more if we could all be at peace with ourselves?
We’d be satisfied, no jealousy to hide.
Chit chat, chat chit,
Hush now take grip!
Put a sock in it and shut your jaws up.
Don’t slip,
We’ve got to be cruel to be kind.
To find a way to keep at bay
The little devils that would like to come inside and play.
Those Chinese whispers warm every straying ear,
Rapping, trapping, endless prattling.
Remember loose lips sink all ships.

Speak No Evil Freddie Hubbard Solo     C.Foster

Don’t waste energy with chinwag
Jabber, waffle, babble, stop and pipe down.
You are not a dragon that must breathe out hot air.
As Shakespeare said from out of his wisdomed head,
’Beware the Ides of March’
Consequences are doomed,
Parlance and palaver can cause grieving.
Empty talk, uttering nothing,
Droning that can be so exhausting
Just to hear, a lingo to forget
The use of talking shop and passing time.
Pleasantries through each day,
Exchanging words can be fun
But not when the pleasure is back biting.
Blurting out, rabbiting, tittle tattling gas bag
There’s no good reason for to lead your life this.
Just an unhappy soul,
So learn your lessons, keep a clean tongue
You’ve got to control it,
Stop useless ranting.
Loquaciousness can really get you stuck in a ruck of vocal muck
If you don’t just hold your trap.
Keep your cake hole closed my dear,
All this gibbering, verbal intercourse, constant twitter,
Yapping that never ceases!


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