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The Albatross (The Ancient Mariner)     W.Shorter/C.Foster

Gentle breeze on an ocean
Old man of the sea is here
Do not fear
As they drift
Mellowing the tranquil shore
A calm and soothing stir is heard
Upon the sands shadows awaken
Ev’ry soul that sleeps
Then follows a dead weight of foe
That spreads its tales of soulful woe and a love lost.

The harbours calling
No one answers
Through the snow and icy cliffs
A painted boat and blowing sail pass on
Into (the) dimness of the night
Blissfully sweeping the waters of the sea
Touching every soft wave, stroking the tide
The lighthouse beckons
But soon is far away and (long) gone
Into the wind it sails
Time is pacing, end is waiting patiently

Destiny holds and omen of fortune
No more burdens or lumber
Sea bird that follows us nigh
So with this feeling of freedom
I’ll have the reason to fly
To the land and the islands I’ve longed for
I will meet you there


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