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A Different View

A Little Samba For You

A Sacred Place

Are We There Yet?


Dig Deep (Soul Surge)

Distant Dreams (Ugetsu)


Estive (Steve Lá)

Fee Fi Fo Fum



Incompatible Love (Incompatibilidade De Genios)

Indian song

Infant eyes


January’s Bossa (Bossa De Janeiro)

Journey Within (Voyage)

Ju Ju

Just Another Day (Sandu)


Let it Flow

Lucky Green Blues

Native Brazil (Brasil Nativo)

Night Dreamer



Saudade Fez Um Samba

The Influence Of Jazz

The Music And I

These things you are to me (All The Things You Are)

Tom Thumb


Water babies


Yes or No

The Music And I           Clare Foster / PRS

The music and I
Are gonna take to the sky
On a journey that will lead us far beyond the moon

When all else fails
There you’ll find a fairytale
Of a magic land that send you off into the stars

For when you feel
The beauty you conceal
Just let it go
For a song is always real

The music and I
Will take our dreams and say goodbye
In a harmony of sound that plays forever more

Our hearts desire
Will find it’s home beside a fire
Of eternal warmth that glows its light into the dark

For when you hear
Each note that rings so clear
Just don’t  forget that a song is always near

The music and I
Are gonna spread our wings and fly
To a paradise that’s filled with truth and sacred bliss

The hills we climb
Lead us to a space and time
In a special place where all our happiness can grow

‘Cause when you see
How precious life can be
Just hold on tight
For that song will set love free



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