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A Different View

A Little Samba For You

A Sacred Place

Are We There Yet?


Dig Deep (Soul Surge)

Distant Dreams (Ugetsu)


Estive (Steve Lá)

Fee Fi Fo Fum



Incompatible Love (Incompatibilidade De Genios)

Indian song

Infant eyes


January’s Bossa (Bossa De Janeiro)

Journey Within (Voyage)

Ju Ju

Just Another Day (Sandu)


Let it Flow

Lucky Green Blues

Native Brazil (Brasil Nativo)

Night Dreamer



Saudade Fez Um Samba

The Influence Of Jazz

The Music And I

These things you are to me (All The Things You Are)

Tom Thumb


Water babies


Yes or No

These Things You Are To Me (Bird Of Paradise) C Parker/C Foster

My love is about a passion and devotion to you
Call it infatuation
But my heart is all aglow
Just seems to quiver everytime you come around
I can’t control myself with tender feelings so precious
Light of my life
You’ll never know
I cherish the ground that you walk
Never to doubt or fear that you’re the apple of my eye
And I will treasure you forever
You call it a crush
And you call it smitten
But I can tell you the affection that I have is very plain and clear
All I want to do is share all of it with you
Been searching so far and so wide
Anything worth having is real hard to find
And love is no exception to these trails and tribulations
So set me free
I really need to know that you are in my corner
In my arms holding me tightly
Can’t  you understand I need you so
And I will do all that I can to show you
Oh I mean it dear
So don’t take for granted and just throw away what I am giving you
‘Cause it’s the real  thing
This you really should know
It’s the truth
I’m just slave to your love
There’s not a heart that can’t be broken
There’s not a life that can’t be woken
Words that go unspoken
Which leads me to say all thats’s inside
I love you



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