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Tom Thumb                     W.Shorter/C.Foster

Oak Leaf hat he had for his crown
Spider’s web shirt spun round and round
Jacket was wove of thistles down
Trousers were made of feathers light
Apple rind tights tied with an eyelash
Mouse’s skin shoes lined with fine hair

Merlin had created this boy from a woman’s wish
For a son
He was just as big as his own father’s thumb
So small
Tom Thumb!

Walnut shell bed tucked in each night
Fairies would stare in sheer delight
Swallowed by fish (King) Arthur’s fine dish
Came into luck with royal touch

He rode on a dapper grey mouse like a noble king
To his throne (court)
A palace of gold was indeed his new home
Span high
Tom Thumb!

Butterfly wings clothes for a knight
Chicken hide boots pinching him tight (nimbly sown)
Threepenny bit was one kind gift
Strutted Tom now in stately pride

He set off to visit his dear mum and dad, how glad
They would be
This one silver piece would make their lives so free
At last….at last….at last

Tom Thumb                    Wayne Shorter Solo

Just because you’re two inches tall
Doesn’t mean that you should be ashamed
This guy was a hero
Just look inside all those story books and see
The fame he made
This little fella
Popped out from the womb of his mother
T’was a wish that had been spoken
And a legend that had now been woken
A miracle begot and born
Merlin with the wizardry and wonders he would perform
Imps and midgets, elves and urchins
All this folklore
Couldn’t compare with this extra-ordinary kind of chap
Petit but neat!
So let me tell you more about him
All his tricks and antics
Made him quite the clown if ever there was one
(He) fell inside his mother’s christmas pud
(A) cow that ate him up so real and good
(A) raven bird, a hungry giant, a fish that gulped this shrimpy man
(A) king who found him served up on his royal platter
(A) magnifying glass was used to clarify and de-mystify
The kings diminutive dinner
The Garagantua and the queen of all the fairies
This klein kid made history

Tom Thumb                    James Spaulding Solo

Never has there been another man
Who had quite so many fans
This fine chap put his mark on the map
A minute little boy was he
Just a slip of a lad
A manikin of great feats
Who took the world by storm
A fine example of how you can succeed
When you’ve self will, a single mindedness and firmness of ground
With spunk and power to survive
He was tough, full of guts
Make no bones about that!
A native hue of resolution
And a stamina made out of iron
Had kept him from a fate far worse than death
A garçon beyond belief
So the moral of the story lies
We can achieve just about anything that we please
No matter of the stature we have
Squat, small or tall, it makes no difference
Just a determinating disposition, that directly flows intuition
Until a thirsty soul has found its goal
There are endless possibilities
When courage listens to its heart


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