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Wildflower (Unspoilt Beauty)                     W.Shorter/C.Foster

As I gaze over fences
To fields far away
There lies hidden
A tender thing tucked from harms way
And there through the blades of fresh grass
Lives a secret unspoiled
Wonders from nature’s seed
Are untamed

Time to savour a look that
Will last the whole day
A quick peep
Then there’s nothing much left I can say
The lyrics I hear from these delicate
Pleasurable sights
As I lean on a gate
Staring into each song

Buttercups in their meadow
A yellow array
Four leaf clovers
Bring wishes to life so they say
A blow from the wind
Then the dandelion fairies begin
Spreading their dainty wings

Foxgloves gather and sway
Longingly in the shade
Holding hands through the seasons
Their pinks will soon fade
The shadows of colours
That linger with each mellow tone
As I close both my eyes
Everlasting, they’ll stay


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