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A Different View

A Little Samba For You

A Sacred Place

Are We There Yet?


Dig Deep (Soul Surge)

Distant Dreams (Ugetsu)


Estive (Steve Lá)

Fee Fi Fo Fum



Incompatible Love (Incompatibilidade De Genios)

Indian song

Infant eyes


January’s Bossa (Bossa De Janeiro)

Journey Within (Voyage)

Ju Ju

Just Another Day (Sandu)


Let it Flow

Lucky Green Blues

Native Brazil (Brasil Nativo)

Night Dreamer



Saudade Fez Um Samba

The Influence Of Jazz

The Music And I

These things you are to me (All The Things You Are)

Tom Thumb


Water babies


Yes or No

Witch Hunt                Wayne Shorter/Clare Foster


Cackling breeze chattered and teased
It was a strange sound
Bubbling skies, simmered with lies
Over the vast ground
Through all the mist, sorcery hissed
Into the thick fog
There was such enchantment coming our way

Casting spells and waving wands
And things that can’t be mentioned
Evil powers from devils
Just to further bad intentions
Folklore with its legends
Seemed to cause some apprehension
Eye of next and wing of bat
The legs of toads were sentenced
In a pot of hot brew
Stirred and left to just stew
Then their deed was done
All their rituals, all their magic

Riding on their broomsticks
Through the moonlight in the cold air
Looked upon as servants
With the sin that Satan had spared
Condemned to drown, burn or hang
It really wasn’t that fair
Floating in the water
All their bodies that were left bare
T’was a sight for sore eyes
Seeing they would all die
Soles were left behind
All their broomsticks, all their mystery



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