Clare Foster Teaching

Clare has been teaching in jazz vocal education for over 20 years. Her aim is to try to understand the individual need of all her students emotionally and therefore vocally.

“When I speak of singing, I do not consider it only as an artistic exercise, but as a possibility and means of knowing oneself”

Alfred Wolfson  1898-1962

What Students say about Clare’s Teaching:


  • “Clare thank you so much for your vocal singing CD No matter what mood I am in the music and the exercises always seem to transform me. I have never heard a singing CD that is so fresh, energetic and fun to do. It is clear that you put a lot of thought into it and wanted the recipients of your experience to get a taste of what it takes to be a singer. I enjoyed the variety of music used, such as Samba-reggae and of course jazz, not to mention the sections on rhythm, counting, ear training and scatting. For me the CD is structured, energizing and motivating. It makes me want to sing even when I don’t. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” Rob Obosi, student


  • “Thank you very much for everything you put in to the ‘Overcoming Stage fright’ course this week. Those two days were, without doubt, the most useful, enjoyable and inspiring I have yet experienced in my attempts to learn to sing. You are a brilliant teacher, as well as a fantastic singer, and I can’t tell you how much I valued your clear, concise teaching, the supportive atmosphere you created for the group, and above all your incisive but encouraging feedback on my solo.” Irene


  • “Clare leads by example very effectively. Her level of experience shines through, she is wonderful to listen to and learn from – Clare is honest but never cruel! She is excellent at helping people improve at all levels” Tess Read, singer


  • “Yesterday was just brilliant. It really hit the spot for me – a bit like someone (you) drawing back the net curtains from the window. The talented, versatile (and caring) musicians helped greatly to create a safe and fun environment to push my boundaries a bit further and build on my confidence. It now feels less that I’m hanging on to the band’s coat tails and more that I’m integrating and even, dare I say it, able to lead. Thanks so much.” Derek Vaughan


  • “Thank you so much for such a fabulous course, you made everyone of us feel worth working with; not all tutors have that ability. I for one feel privileged to have experienced your course. You are an extremely talented and very warm person. I do hope our paths cross again,” Margaret


  • “Thank you for a fantastically rewarding day of learning! Your encouragement and support to all of us is uniquely special. On a personal level, I came away with a sense of exhilarated freedom to “express myself” through singing in a style I haven’t previously ventured into . I’m feeling more confident, more knowledgeable and so happy that you’ve helped me push open the door and peek inside at the wonders and possibilities of singing this music we all love so much.” Coral Cooke, singing student


  • “How much I am enjoying the course and how many doors I feel you are helping me to open . Thank you . You simply are a gifted teacher. …..if all teachers were like you … the world would be a much happier place. You have an extraordinary ability of understanding people and going to the very heart of them.”  Simona Barbieri


  • “Clare is an amazing teacher who pays great attention to singers strengths & weakness and encourages them to grow. She makes a real difference.” Jumoké Fashola, Broadcaster, BBC.


  • “Just wanted to thank you for putting on a great workshop. I really enjoyed it and have learnt a lot. Learning to free myself vocally and to be able to sing in front of an audience has been a challenge for me, but I found the exercises we did during the workshop really helpful, and the advice on my performance has been invaluable. I will definitely be recommending the workshop to others.” Rohan Madison


  • “You are really good at combining practical vocal exercises with theory and at equipping singers to be musicians on a par with the instrumentalists” Sue Jarvis, Teacher and Professional Singer.


  • “You are such a brilliant teacher.  We were discussing it on the way back… to me you are everything a teacher should be, encouraging but offering useful criticism, focussed, organised, funny, interesting without going off on a tangent, and I learnt so much.  So thank you.” Toni Green, Actor and Comedienne


  • “You give great singing, music and life lessons! Very best wishes” Julia McBain, Student


  • “I really love your course and your way of teaching” Josephine Arthur, Student


  • “I would just like to say thank you for the wonderful weekend. I came to give support to my friend yet gained so much for myself in the process. I’ve  found the inspiration to explore my voice further. I have found true freedom in music. Thank you Clare.” Toyin, Student


  • “Thankyou for sharing your musical gifts. You inspire many people” Janet, Student